One of the leading figures of the Turkish economic scene for nearly 40 years, setting out in the name of real stability, transforming individual successes into corporate successes and investing in information and technology at the global level; ERSER GRUP.

Group continues their activities in the agriculture, packaging, logistics and licensed storage sectors, based on the perspective of continuous development, unchanging quality approach and unconditional customer satisfaction. Erser Group, which is the locomotive of our country in terms of raw material supply, especially to the flour, pasta and feed industry, and has the ability to meet the needs of these sectors at the highest level with its organization all over the world, at international standards, is happy to be the name of trust in our country with its sustainable quality approach and timely delivery principles. ERSER GRUP, which ranked 99th in the Fortune 500 list in 2021 and rose to 93rd place in 2022, is a pioneer in all sectors in which it operates with an annual turnover of 15 billion Liras. Our group, moving towards the future with its 350 employees who are experts in their fields, will continue to benefit the Turkish economy.

ERSER TARIM, which is the first investment of our group and has become one of the most important suppliers of the Turkish agricultural sector, has 37 years of experience in grain trade among group companies. Inspired by the power of his love for agriculture, since the first day it was set out, it has brought the highest quality products produced by manufacturers all over the world and the products of the most productive plains from the world to our country. With its experience in grain trade, it provides quality and reliable raw material supply to our entire country, especially in the grain, pulses, oilseeds, feed, flour and pasta sectors, and contributes to production of these sectors in a problem-free and sustainable way. With an annual import capacity of 1,200,000 tons, ERSER TARIM is the largest raw material provider in the sector in our country.

Another investment of our group, Kainat Licensed Warehousing, leads the sector with its storage investments in different regions of Turkey. Kainat Licensed Warehouse, which has a total storage capacity of 412,850 tons in the field of licensed storage, with its investments within the scope of its contribution to the sector; 34.500 tons in Çanakkale Gelibolu, 87.750 tons in Tekirdağ Ergene, 69.500 tons in Kırklareli Pınarhisar, 29.500 tons in Konya Center, Konya Kulu Acıkuyu, 54.500 tons in Sivas Kangal, 93.100 tons in Karaman Center and 44.50 tons in Yozgat Center and with these tonnages, It is the largest licensed warehousing brand in our country with a total capacity of 412,850 tons. It is the name of the power in our country in storage, with a total of 8 separate facilities in various regions of our country. KAİNAT LICENSED WAREHOUSING, which aims to have a serious logistics advantage with the strategy of being close to the ports in its additional licensed warehouse investment plans, will continue to increase its capacity in the coming years.

Another investment of our group that meets all the logistics needs and has a huge fleet is Ali Çavuşoğulları Logistics. With its fleet of 150 vehicles, our company plays a leading role in logistics processes with its problem-free transportation principle. ERSER GRUP, which has an extremely strong infrastructure in the logistics sector as well as in all its activities, thanks to its operating policy that adopts international quality standards, directs the sector with its ALİ ÇAVUŞOĞULLARI brand. ALİ ÇAVUŞOĞULLARI LOGISTICS, which carries out its work as promised, always and on time by providing solutions, is a sought-after brand in the LOGISTICS sector.

Erser Grup has reached this point as a result of the quality approach, combining years of experience with its professional employees with its strong production infrastructure and carrying it to this day. As a result of this experience, another latest and strong investment of the group is GNC PACKAGING. GNC Packaging makes a difference in its industry by offering strong and innovative packaging solutions. It has become a company that has made a name for itself in its sector by introducing high quality products produced with the world's latest technology machinery and bench park, quality raw materials, to its customers with the principle of product delivery on time and in the desired criteria. It has a monthly production capacity of 1,000 Tons of Printed Film and 500 Tons of PE Film with its 4-line printing machine park located on a total area of 42,000 m2, and has one of the most modern machinery infrastructures in the world such as Snacks, Petfood, Detergent, Frozen Food, Beverage, Pasta. Our brand aims to increase its development day by day.

The other partner company of the group is in the field of construction, and it has made a rapid entry into the construction sector with the two leading companies of the sector, the construction of Konya's largest industrial site, approximately 800 independent sections, and a construction area of 410,000 m² has started.

With this partner group, we will continue to produce economic, safe, aesthetic projects and permanent and high-quality works for housing and industrial sites at international standards by following technological and financial developments in our investments in the coming years.


ERSER GRUP, which has realized an international vision with its professional approach and corporate culture, its sustainable sectoral successes and its ever-increasing and progressive investments, will continue its development day by day with the strength and belief it receives from you. Hoping to achieve greater success together…